Mowing Options

1. Monthly mowing no bagging.
Your lawn will be cut on a weekly basis as needed. We will alternate the direction of cutting each week to help relieve stress to the turf. Areas where the mower will not reach will be trimmed with a line trimmer as needed. All hard surfaces will be blown clean after every mowing.

2. Bagging Grass Clippings.
With this service, your grass will be bagged April through October giving your property a professionally manicured look. The cost for this service is $7.00 per can of debris removed from turf when mowing.

3. Double cut no bagging.
If your lawn is excessively tall we can make two passes over your lawn with our mowers to reduce the size of the clippings. We will only double cut the areas that need it. The cost for this is included in your Monthly mowing charge.

4. November Mowing.
Mowing will be cut and bag only. The cost for this service will be your quoted mowing cost plus $7.00 per can of debris removed from turf.

*Our cans typically hold 1 1/2 times the amount of a regular yard waste bag.

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