What is the average cost to shovel a driveway?
Most residential driveways are $60 per visit. Front public sidewalks are typically $10 (corner house, or larger lots will cost more). Sidewalks From driveway to front door are typically only $10. ($60 minimum charge per visit / 1-4" snow fall)
Why do you use Shovels and or Snow Blowers instead of Snow Plows?
Shoveling or using a Snow Blower is the best way to clear snow from your driveway. It also reduces damage to the drive and surrounding landscaping.
What happens if the snow storm last all day long?
If a snow storm is long lasting or extremely heavy we may need to clear your property more than one time during a given storm, resulting in additional plowing charge (Quoted prices are for the typical 1-4" snow fall).
What is the charge for a snow fall over 4"
The price quoted is per visit to your property for a typical 1-4" snow fall. The charge will increase 25% for every additional inch we receive over 4". Example, a 6" snow storm with one visit to your property will cost 50% more.
What happens during a Blizzard?
As soon as the main roads are drivable we will be able to service your property. Driveways are the priority, all sidewalks will be cleaned after the storm is over. This process will likely take multiple days to complete. We will make sure the entrance to your driveway is kept clean throughout the blizzard. Your price quoted for snow services are for the typical 1”-4” of accumulation. For example, if we receive 20” of snow fall, your cost could be up to five (5) times your regular rate.
When do you service my property?
We will make our best effort to time our services with the end of a storm. However, we try to clear your driveway and/or sidewalks prior to 6:00 am and/or 6:00 pm for your convenience.
Can you service my property if we receive less than 1" of snow fall?
Yes, service is available and considered Zero Tolerance.
Why do we start snow management services at 1”
Many snow storms are less than 2”. If we receive multiple snow falls of less than two inches you will have excess snow on driveway and sidewalks that will get packed down and made very slippery.
Can you apply salt to my driveway and/or sidewalks?
Yes we carry Natural Alternative de-icing products on all of our plow trucks. Natural Alternative de-icing products are the best de-icing product we have found to help avoid damage to lawns, shrubs, driveways, sidewalks and buildings. The minimum charge is $50.00 and typically covers driveways and all sidewalks. ($50.00 charge is based on us being onsite during snow removal services)
Can you de-ice my property without shoveling?
The minimum charge for applying Natural Alternative de-icing product without snow plowing or shoveling is $75
How do I make payments?
You will be invoiced every services performed at your property. Payments are due upon receipt of invoice.
What happens if I serviced my own property prior to you coming out?
You will be charged the normal service rate.
How can I get in touch with you if I have a snow related question or request?
I can be reached by phone, email or text. My cell number is 630.878.8447 email is AL@SCHMIDTLAWNCAREINC.COM
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