2018 Service Checklist
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Please check the following services you wish to receive for the 2018 season:
Weekly mowing (Begins mid April and ends October 31) *See Mowing Options
Weekly mowing with bagging grass and leaves+$7 per can removed from turf
Fall mowing with debris removal (Oct-Nov) + $7 per can removed from turf
Double cut my lawn as needed. Contact me for exact pricing
Selective bagging $7 per can removed. Contact me with your bagging needs.
Spring clean up (Begins late March)
Fall clean up (Ends November 30)
Core aeration (April - May) Sprinkler Yes No
Core aeration (October) Sprinkler Yes No
Spring shrub trimming
Fall shrub trimming
Shovel edge mulch beds
Mulch installation
Snow Plowing Service (Please call or E-Mail me for quote)
Other 1
Other 2
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